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Lay Leadership in the Deanery Survey

As a Lay Chair or recent Lay Chair we need your help with this questionnaire.

Your responses will form the basis of the new booklet, and we hope you will be as ‘hard-hitting’ 
and honest as possible. We need to unearth the frustrations, evaluate present experience, record 
examples of both good and poor practice and provide a document that all within the church will 
find helpful in moving forward the debate on how Lay Leadership can become really effective at 
Deanery level – and hence how Deaneries can play that vital role which recent trends are 
demanding of them.

Although we hope to be able to use real life stories and illustrations 
we will make every effort to make them ‘un-attributable’!

As a Lay Chairman

  1. Has your experience of being a Lay Chair in your Deanery been: S
    elect any of the following put in order of importance numbering the most important '1' 
    and give examples below:
a) Creative    b) Rewarding      
c) Frustrating     d) Other (Specify below)

          Specify other

Please give examples or illustrations for answers to question 1

  1. a) What are/were the best aspects of the job?

            b) What are/were the worst aspects of the job?

             Please give examples to illustrate your answers to 2a and 2b

  1. As Lay Chair are/were you involved in:

         Clergy Appointments 

Yes No

         Parish Share / Quota decisions?

Yes No

         Deployment planning?

Yes No


Yes No

        Please feel free to add comments to illustrate your answers regarding your involvement

  1. As co-leader of the Deanery with the Rural/Area Dean, how would you rate 
    your working relationship? 
    Choose one of the following options:

        Why do you think this is? Please comment or give examples.

Other Lay Leadership in your Deanery

  1. What other Leadership roles in the life of the Deanery do Lay members take? 
    Select any of the following options that apply:
In finance   In Sector Ministry     In Planning and Strategy               In Worship                           
In Mission   In other areas (Please specify below)  

          Specify other areas

        Do you feel that the Lay contribution in some of these areas is more effective than in others? 
        Why do you think this is? Please comment/give examples.

  1. Do other Lay Leaders have the opportunity of Sharing insights and experience 
    with colleagues in other deaneries? Please give examples

Making the Deanery more effective

In many dioceses deaneries are being asked to take on more responsibility, particularly 
the areas of finance, planning and deployment. 
In your experience is this helpful for the mission of the church? Choose one of the following options:

What do you see as the positive aspects of this move?

What are the negative aspects?

  1. What, in your experience, are the factors which help a Deanery to become more effective 
    in promoting the Life and Mission of the Church?

  1. What, in your experience, are the factors which inhibit the effectiveness of the Deanery 
    in promoting the mission of the Church?

Relationships with parishes and the diocese

  1. How do you/ would you like to promote the activity of your Deanery to encourage more 
    understanding of the complementary roles of parishes and the deanery? (Examples please)

  1. In what ways are the attitudes of Senior Staff, Diocesan Officers and Diocesan Synod 
    helpful or unhelpful in developing the work of your Deanery? (Examples please)

  1. We are trying to identify the factors which create a culture of positive cooperation 
    between parishes and also encourages the full potential of Lay leaders in forwarding 
    the Mission of the Church, and conversely, what inhibits that cooperation and growth. 
    Please add any further comments on matters not covered by the questions but which 
    you think will help us identify such factors.

In case we need follow-up or clarification please provide the following contact information
– and thank you very much for responding to this. 

First Name
Last Name

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